Blister tray cleaning machine

Blister tray cleaning machine

Time:2022-1-7 Author:Alex Zhou

Blister tray cleaning machine is specially used for cleaning and drying blister trays, which can be processed quickly and can be used directly after processing, saving labor and space for placing trays.

Product Description

This blister tray cleaner is designed for two-person operation tunnel type cleaning, continuous operation, it cleans and treats oil and dirt adhering to blister trays and stainless steel trays. (Except for old, damaged, plastic boxes that are firmly attached to contaminants and have not been treated for a long time).

    The machine is equipped with a cleaning pump with three stainless steel heads and can automatically add detergent or sanitizer to the tank.

    Equipped with two steam exhaust fans, the steam inside the machine can be ducted to the outside of the cleaning chamber.

    The machine can be steam heated or electrically heated, and each tank has two 9Kw heating tubes to ensure that the temperature of the circulating water in the tank is maintained at 85°C.

Working process

The operator places the plastic box in the feeding station of the basket washer.

The first washing step (hot water + detergent) is used as initial washing, pre-washing has the step of de-oiling the tote baskets.

The second washing stage (hot water + detergent) is used as the main washing stage to remove almost all stains from the surface of the plastic crates.

The third washing stage (room temperature water + disinfectant) is used as the final washing stage to remove the detergent and disinfect the crates.

Finally, the crates are rinsed with clean water under the control of a solenoid valve.

Under the action of the exhaust fan, the steam is discharged to the outside through a pipe.

Since the crates to be cleaned are of different sizes, only crates of the same size can be cleaned at a time. After cleaning one side of the trays, you need to adjust the chute manually and then clean another size of the crate.

After cleaning, the pallet leaves the cleaning lane and arrives at the unloading station.

Personnel moves them to the area where they are stored or used. The baking trays you provide are recommended for vertical washing, which is convenient for removing moisture.

Product Details

NameBlister tray cleaning machineCapacity1500 trays/hour
Voltage380V / CustomizedPower13.5 kW
Material304 stainless steelHeating methodElectric or steam
Size11600*1900*1400 mmWashing speedAdjustable

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