KANZDA has received a lot of praise from customers. We have been working hard to build our own brand, establish a good reputation for Chinese companies, and let more foreign friends recognize us.

KANZDA has its own equipment manufacturing plants and offices in many cities in China, which can quickly solve the pre-sales and after-sales problems of the equipment.

So far, we have served customers in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey, Israel, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. We have always strictly required ourselves to provide customers with high-quality machinery and equipment .

How will KANZDA benefit you?


Helping employees succeed is one of KANZDA management’s main goals, thus KANZDA endeavors to keep our employees career-minded rather than merely job-focused.


KANZDA offers comprehensive training programs, both in-class and online, for all employees including management, service engineers, salespeople in line with their own demands.


KANZDA offers ideal opportunities for job rotation within your department or different divisions. If you’re qualified, we’ll always be willing to provide you with career development opportunities.


KANZDA offers locally competitive salaries and bonuses, and the amounts are related to your performance and the company’s annual sales revenue.

Experienced, Knowledgable, Trustworthy

Quick and helpful reply within 24 hours;
Tailored solutions provided for your project;
One-stop purchasing service.