vertical pallet washer

vertical pallet washer

Name: standing pallet washer
vertical pallet washer

Unwinding method: vertical

Applicable: pallet washer for plastic pallets,
such as 1000x1200mm 1100x1300 1300x1600

Basic introduction

This machine is designed as a continuous tunnel washer and requires a minimum of 2 operators.

This washer cleans oil and grease adhering to plastic pallets (except old plastic, damaged plastic, firmly adhered contaminants, and long untreated contaminants).

vertical pallet washer
vertical pallet washer


The vertical plastic pallet washer is a small cleaning machine developed for foreign customers

Small footprint and space-saving

Vertical cleaning, more conducive to the washing effect of pallets

Siemens control system, reliable and stable

vertical pallet washer

We can customize the process of the machine to suit the different needs of our customers, as follows are the models equipped with a drying function

vertical pallet washer
vertical pallet washer
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