crate washer with blower and dryer

crate washer with blower and dryer

This is a machine that can wash and dry Crate, 120-300crate/hour

This machine is designed as a crate washer  cleaning machine operated by 1-2 people, and the operator of this machine is responsible for the in and out operation of the crate.

Manually put the crate into the feeding part of the cleaning machine, and the turnover box will automatically enter into the cleaning tunnel and complete the processes of cleaning, water removal and drying. After completion, the conveyor belt will output it to the discharging end, personnel put it in the centralized storage point of the turnover crate.

crate washer with blower and dryer

1. Process requirements:
1-1. Workpiece size: plastic turnover box, as marked above
1-2. Workpiece material: Plastic
1-3. Theoretical design output: 150-300 pieces/hour
1-4. Loading and unloading methods: manual loading, collecting and collecting
1-5. Treatment effect: clean up oil stain and metal dust

(Stubborn stains, plastic damage, aging are not required) dryness is about 99%

crate washer with blower and dryer
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