How to wash crates with crate washer

How to wash crates with crate washer

Time:2022-3-25 Author:Alex Zhou

This article is about how to clean crates in bulk, a method to guide companies or organizations that use crates in bulk, not for cleaning only small amounts of the crate.
The crate washer is an aid to this problem. Up to 800 crates can be cleaned in an hour, its efficiency is excellent and it saves water and personnel input compared to manual cleaning.

How to wash crates with crate washer

This machine requires only one operator, is EU compliant, and has a logical and beautiful design. Normal operation is not harmful to the operator.

Operating method.

Place the crate from above
The crate is automatically turned over and the tunnel is cleaned
Main wash and rinse
Arrival at the unloading station
Manual pick-up

All plates of this machine are 304 stainless steel, which meets the hygiene standards of the food industry

Electrical appliances are made of Siemens and Schneider brands

Control voltage is 24V safety voltage

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