Bubble washer VWM-series

Bubble washer VWM-series

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Vegetable bubble washer is a classification of vegetable cleaning machine. When vegetables enter the bubble cleaning machine, the blower generates powerful bubbles to achieve the purpose of cleaning vegetables. The power of the fan varies according to the material to be washed. The power of the commonly used blower is 400w-7.5Kw, the bubbles generated are about 20-30cm high from the water surface, which can effectively remove the sharp soil, impurities and other dirt in the vegetables. The bubble washer can be added with cleaning agents: such as sodium hypochloride, edible alkali And so on, to achieve the role of disinfection and sterilization.

Cleaning principle:
It mainly relies on the impact force generated by the rapid bursting of bubbles to remove dust and other contaminants on the surface of vegetables. Depending on the vegetables to be washed, spray pipes may be arranged above the sink so that floating vegetables can be washed.

Features :

Body material: food grade 304 stainless steel

Transmission mesh belt: 304 stainless steel chain plate/mesh/food grade plastic engineering chain plate

Drive motor: Hypoid variable frequency speed regulating motor

Processing quantity: 300Kg-3500Kg/Hour

Working voltage: 230V/380V/415V/480V

Suitable materials: vegetables, fruits, rapeseed, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, pepper, cauliflower, greens, cabbage, lettuce and other leafy vegetables…

Physical picture:

Bubble washer VWM-series

Bubble washer VWM-series

Bubble washer VWM-series



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