Bin washer

Bin washer

For 240L waste bin
And other capacities can be customized. For example 660L 100L
Automatic loading, automatic cleaning
Automatic disinfection, automatic air-drying
And can be made into a single machine

This is a customized bin washer, mainly for sanitation 240L garbage cans, which can save a lot of cleaning workers.

Garbage separation and garbage can cleaning and disinfection are initiatives being implemented by every country and government. It is in line with national conditions, which can improve the living environment of residents, increase the happiness index of life, promote neighborhood relations, and many other benefits.
Our company has developed tunnel-type continuous garbage can cleaning equipment for this series of benefits based on years of experience in container cleaning and disinfection. The current cleaning machine is an improved product after a long period of use. Some of the drawbacks of the previous product have been solved here, and more functions have been added, such as filtering and lifting, variable frequency speed control, and ultraviolet sterilization.


This machine is designed for two-person operation / continuous operation through the tunnel cleaning machine.
This washing machine can clean and dispose of oil, dust, etc., attached to the garbage cans. (Except for plastic aging, damage, scalding, and other exceptional cases), garbage cans with solid contaminants attached and not treated for a long time must be soaked (soaked through) or at least guaranteed to be sprayed with an alkaline treatment agent for more than 30 minutes before entering the washing machine.
The solid debris of the barrel needs to be poured out from the barrel before treatment. Otherwise, it will affect the everyday work and operation of the machine.

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