Two-stage cleaning plastic box cleaning machine

Two-stage cleaning plastic box cleaning machine

Material:304 stainless steel
weight:about 700Kg
Cleaning pressure:0.5Mpa
Product description: Two-stage cleaning plastic box cleaning machine,This machine is suitable for cleaning dirty boxes, mainly cleaning the dust on the box.

Two-stage cleaning plastic box cleaning machine,The main process is: alkaline water dilution cleaning – hot water cleaning, each process is calculated according to the exact data, can make the turnover baskets through the washing machine is a clean box that can be used directly. For companies with large turnover and high production efficiency, it is a better choice.

The washing machine is our company’s products, mainly for meat products, soy products, baking, leisure products, hardware, beverages, auto parts and other industries. The baskets are oily and the cleaning is not thoroughly developed. We have continuous with many companies. Cooperation, our aim is to save customers water, electricity, human resources and reduce production costs.
Our main products include washing machine, air shower, ozone generator, vegetable washing machine, air dryer, dryer, bag washing and airflow line, etc. The main washing machine adopts three cleaning methods, using high-power stainless steel. The pump produces a strong spray scouring force on the basket, so that the oil is diluted by an alkaline water, two hot water rinses and the last water wash, so that the parts basket is cleaned, and the washing machine passes through the strong air knife after cleaning. Water and drying, the washing machine is designed to put the washed baskets into use immediately, so that the moisture on the surface of the basket is completely dried to make the subsequent process flow perfectly.
In 2006, the company began research and production of the washing machine. This has been continuously improved several times. Now our washing machine has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification for the automobile manufacturing industry, the food industry and many customers. Providing quality equipment and convenient operation procedures, in order to let more friends know about our products, I will give a brief introduction.

◆The equipment is made of all-grade 304 stainless steel, which is durable, hygienic and safe.

◆The pump adopts domestic first-line stainless steel high-pressure pump to ensure the cleaning effect.

◆Automatically unified water supply, unified drainage throughout the line, keeping the workshop clean and hygienic.

◆Frequency control, so that stainless steel baskets can be cleaned in multiple ways.

◆Emergency stop system, automatic control system, high safety factor.

◆Humanized design, from feed height, to water intake and drainage, to safety system, speed control, all in accordance with humanized design, to ensure that the operator is safe, fast, convenient, clean and hygienic during operation.

◆The filtration system is more reasonable, multi-layer filtration and large spray pressure.

◆The water tank is designed reasonably for easy drainage and filtration.

◆Electric control Delixi brand, first-line brand, excellent quality

◆The chain operation mode is reasonable.

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We tailor the most suitable equipment for each customer, including cleaning, air drying and drying sections. The layout of each section is strictly in accordance with the items to be cleaned, and the flow rate, lift and drying efficiency are reasonably designed to ensure the normal production conditions. The biggest energy saving.

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