live bird crate washing system

live bird crate washing system

live bird crate washing system
Can be made into an automatic line cleaning system according to the user's needs

This is a cleaning system for live chicken slaughter lines. The processing flow is as follows:1. The operator transfers the crates and live chickens transported by the truck to the mobile conveyor line, placing a total of 3 groups of 9 chicken cages in each group.
2. Chicken crates automatically enter the splitting mechanism and disassemble them into independent units
3. On the stainless steel conveyor, workers on both sides hang live chickens to the slaughter line
4. The remaining empty chicken crates are automatically transported to the crate washer and automatically cleaned
5. The cleaned crates are transported to the stacking device through the conveyor
6. Automatically stack the washed chicken crates into 3 groups, 9 crates in each group
7. The worker transfers the assembled crates to a suitable location for storage

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